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The you agree that:

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  5. You will comply with these general use conditions.


In the event that you do not comply with any of the above obligations, GRUPO AZOR MÉXICO S.A DE C.V reserves the right to immediately prohibit or block access to the webpage. 


Website Information

Although GRUPO AZOR MÉXICO S.A DE C.V has mad every possible effort to guarantee the information contained on this website (www.azor.com.mx) is correct at the present time, GRUPO AZOR MÉXICO S.A DE C.V accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or information that may be incomplete, inexact or out of date.



The present website, as well as its content, services and other elements that constitute it are the property of or are held under the control of GRUPO AZOR MÉXICO S.A DE C.V and are protected, without restrictions, by Mexico’s intellectual and industrial property laws as well as all applicable international treaties and accords. For such effects, content is considered to be all information, activities, products and sundry services that the website offers. GRUPO AZOR MÉXICO S.A DE C.V is the exclusive holder of all intellectual, industrial and analogue property rights that may correspond to the website.  Additionally, all rights that favor GRUPO AZOR MÉXICO S.A DE C.V are reserved with regard to any and all content, services, and/or proprietary elements that are incorporated into the website, including but not limited to:


Such elements as make up the visual appearance, graphic image or any other sensory stimuli on the pages that make up the website, e.g.,

  • Navigation architecture
  • Webpage source codes
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  • Recordings
  • Computer programs
  • Databases
  • Technologies
  • Logos and
  • Distinctive signs


All of the above, in its totality, is to be designated as property. Use of all these industrial and intellectual property elements to commercial ends as well as their distribution, modification, alteration or mining is strictly prohibited.


Infraction of any of the abovementioned rights may constitute a violation of the present terms and conditions as well as an offense punishable under article 270 and subsequent articles in Mexico’s penal code.